Interview with the Chimurenga Chronic, "A Layered way of Working" / by Helen Teede

September 2017

The history of painting, as I have learned it, has been rooted in the Western tradition of painting, so I feel that my place as a painter in an African country is a tenuous one. Sometimes I feel trapped by the rules of painting that I’ve learned and applied to my practice, so I constantly have to work at breaking them – they are rules that don’t even exist for a lot of the artists here. Talking and engaging with Zimbabwean painters, such as Gresham Tapiwa Nyaude and Wycliffe Mundopa, has helped me to find a place within a discourse of painting that is local to Zimbabwe and of necessary historic import within the context of contemporary African art.



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"Spatial Grammar" (ii)
Rain and Oil on Canvas
170 x 130 cm